How technology is creating a Frommer’s Guide for healthcare

I remember buying paperback Frommer’s Guides before traveling to a new place, and paging through the different sections of the city to see maps and read restaurant reviews. It was instant access to valuable information right at your fingertips. While extremely useful at the time, these guides were static, and the information quickly became outdated. The days of hard-bound encyclopedias, large paper road maps, and printed city guides are gone; however, the convenience of having aggregated information in your hands at all times is just as important as ever. The availability of smart technology keeps us connected to a world that is constantly changing around us and, when it comes to healthcare, this has some interesting implications.

A patient’s guide to navigating better healthcare

Studies have shown that the availability and convenience of having immediate digital access to information is rewiring our brains, changing how we mentally organize information and how we think about finding answers to our questions. Millennials, who grew up with smart technology and now outnumber Baby Boomers, think differently about finding health information than other generations, and this is ushering in a new era in healthcare. 

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