How patient relationship management software cultivates sustained practice success

As with any business dependent on recurring revenue, healthcare practices are encouraged to engage with their patients and build relationships with them. As patients are becoming more responsible for the cost of their care, providing a high-quality patient experience is more important than ever.

With so many methods to connect and engage with patients — social media, newsletters, online reviews, etc. — developing strong patient relationships requires a large time investment. Fortunately for providers, technology is expanding to offer new, effective and efficient ways to manage the patient relationship.

Here are three reasons why implementing a PRM system is the right move for your healthcare practice.

Enhances marketing to new patients

According to a Johns Hopkins[1] study, 23 percent of patients saw three or more primary care doctors in two years, which means patients are exploring their options when it comes to healthcare. So how can practices best market to new patients? Meet them where they are — online.

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