Hospital Physician Partners rolls out CarePayment to hospital emergency departments in more than 20 states

Hospital Physician Partners (HPP) an Emergency and Hospital Medicine contract management company, partnering with hospitals in over 20 states. HPP has over 2,000 providers that will treat more than 2.4 million patients this year.  The company is currently enhancing its patient services by adding CarePayment patient financing programs. With CarePayment, HPP patients can pay Emergency Room physician charges in affordable monthly installments for up to 36 months at 0.00% APR for the life of the account and with no impact to credit scores.

“Co-pays and deductibles have increased significantly over the past several years, and patients are taking on more of the financial burden related to healthcare costs,” says Duane Lisowski, Chief Revenue Officer at HPP.  Prior to CarePayment, we were able to offer traditional options: cash, check, credit card, and a three-month payment plan that provided limited options for our growing number of patients,” says Lisowski. “We want to make sure we are as patient-friendly as possible in helping patients satisfy their financial responsibility, and that’s exactly what CarePayment enables. It is a win-win for HPP, and most importantly, the patient.”

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