HIT Bridge Builders: Walnut Hill Medical Center

As a part of our HIT Bridge Builders series, Aaron Miri, Chief Information Officer, and Dr. Rich Guerra offer their advice for healthcare students on the verge of entering the field. 

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Free: It's the time of year when many students are returning to their academic pursuits. If you had the opportunity to speak to students seeking a career in healthcare, what would you tell them?

Miri: The biggest criteria that I look for when I select people to come join us at Walnut Hill is a conviction that we can do everything that we can do, and we can do even more. To join us, you have to believe in our mission. You have to believe in the patient. You have to believe in what we're accomplishing in terms of patient engagement that is, quite frankly, very different from almost any other hospital that I have ever seen. So, if I am looking at a class of graduated students, I would offer the following advice:

 Volunteer for everything that you can in your community. Be part of a Rotary club. Go join a local church group. Go out there and understand what makes people, people. Be creative. Be dynamic. Be something for the community. Do something beyond just, "I get up. I go to work. I do X,Y, Z. I come home, I go to sleep." Go be part of something. Go believe in something.

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