HIT Across the Pond: On the Call with Dr. Charles Gutteridge

When we spoke with Dr. Charles Gutteridge, former National Clinical Director for Informatics, Department of Health, United Kingdom, and currently Chief Clinical Information Officer, Barts Health NHS Trust, we learned not only about some of the historical differences between healthcare IT in England and the United States, but also how both countries' practices and policies are evolving toward a more common ground. 

Some of the topics that he outlined included:

  • a brief history of healthcare IT in the U.K.;
  • the troublesome U.K. mentality of seeing technology as a barrier to healthcare;
  • the rise of patient leaders in the United States;
  • how younger healthcare professionals demonstrate a broader and more accepting attitude toward IT;
  • the complexity of achieving interoperability;
  • how Cerner's HIE solution positively impacted his own career and the lives of his patients and
  • the current "drivers of change" who create his optimism for the future of healthcare IT worldwide.

(Editor’s note: To hear audio excerpts of this interview, click on the media player buttons that run throughout this article.)

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