Healthcare IT’s identity crisis: A conversation with James Templeton

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As both a scientific director and an educator, James Templeton possesses an interesting perspective on the current power, and problems, of healthcare IT. He is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Nova Southeastern University. He is also a Scientific Director for Astellas Pharma, working in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 25 years. He holds a Masters in International Business, a Ph.D. with a concentration in Biomedical Informatics, and is currently completing a Masters in Medicinal Chemistry.

I spoke with Templeton to gauge his perceptions of the past, present and future of healthcare IT. His insights describe not only an industry in the midst of tremendous transition, but also in search of its identity.

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Taylor: What areas of work do you perform at Astellas Pharma?

Templeton: We focus on a number of disease states. The area that I focus my attention on now is urology, primarily in the field of overactive bladder and other urological diseases that are associated with that. I work with a team of field scientists, they are called medical science liaisons, and I am the director of the team for the West Coast. We bridge the internal and external research that is being conducted in the field of urology.

We work with internal research departments of Astellas and we help bring them information from the external sources as to what may be most relevant, most pertinent, most cutting-edge, and then we take our information and our research studies that we're working on and we will work with our external colleagues to try to implement those and to move the science forward.

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