Health Monitor Network and ProHEALTH announce exclusive partnership to enhance patient satisfaction and influence outcomes

Health Monitor Network, a patient-engagement company, and ProHEALTH Care Associates, one of the largest integrated physician group practices in the New York metropolitan area, have announced an exclusive partnership designed to enhance the healthcare experience of ProHEALTH’s approximately 800,000 patients, both in physician offices and at home.

The partnership provides selected ProHEALTH offices with access to Health Monitor’s award-winning patient-education content, from its magazines, condition guides and print posters to its online patient-education content library ( and its newest offering—the digital exam-room poster. A breakthrough in the marketplace, Health Monitor’s digital exam-room poster has earned rave reviews from physicians and patients for its unique ability to reduce perceived wait time and increase patient satisfaction. All Health Monitor materials are reviewed by leading physicians and other healthcare experts and are often co-branded with leading medical associations and patient-advocacy organizations. The Health Monitor/ProHEALTH collaboration also provides patients with access to eHealth’s digital TV in physician waiting rooms.

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