HDTV system gives Steward Health Hospital patients quality entertainment to enhance patient experience

Delivering better care at lower costs is the primary focus for the Steward Health Care System. Part of the solution is an investment in an HDTV system that is enabling a superior patient experience with quality entertainment that patients appreciate.

Steward Health Care System partnered with TeleHealth Services, the nation’s leading provider of hospital televisions and interactive patient engagement solutions, to elevate the entertainment experience across the entire integrated delivery network to promote a more home-like environment in all of its hospital facilities.

“Patients look for amenities that provide the comforts of their home while away from home,” says Scott Kenyon, Vice President of Environmental Management, Corporate Real Estate and Facilities. “We have created a patient experience that demonstrates our commitment to enhance our member hospitals in the digital world by aligning the patient entertainment amenities with a consumer offering to improve overall patient satisfaction.”

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