Growing orthopaedic practice installs Carestream DRX Systems to enhance diagnostic imaging workflow

Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons, P.C., (Cartersville, Ga.) purchased two CARESTREAM DRX-Ascend Systems to help produce excellent image quality and exceptional productivity. The busy orthopaedic practice performs imaging studies with multiple views for up to 70 patients a day. Each system is equipped with a high-resolution CARESTREAM DRX-1C detector.

The flexibility and speed of the new systems has enhanced workflow. “We are capturing complex X-ray studies in less than two minutes. Orthopaedic surgeons can quickly review these images on PACS workstations and discuss treatment options with patients,” said Natasha Clements, Senior X-ray Technologist. “And if we add additional orthopaedic specialists, these Carestream imaging systems will allow us to integrate the increased workload with ease.”

Technologists and managers at the orthopaedic group developed a list of imaging requirements and conducted site visits as part of an intensive evaluation of four suppliers.

“In our evaluation Carestream came out on top in every area,” Clements reports. “The ceiling-mounted tube moves smoothly with little effort from the technologist and offers the flexibility for cross table exams, stretcher patients and even weight-bearing feet exams. Having an integrated console streamlines workflow and a powerful 65 kW generator helps create higher-quality images with lower dose for our patients.”

The DRX-Ascend system’s design with a ceiling-mounted tube and other advanced features addresses the practice’s demanding needs at an affordable price, Clements added. “And since the tube can move all over the room, it means less work for technologists and more convenience for patients. This is an excellent choice for a busy orthopaedic practice.”

Carestream’s software can automatically stitch together two or three images of a spine or leg and produce a final long-length image in minutes. The system’s elevating, float-top table accommodates patients up to 650 pounds, and can be easily raised and lowered to address the limited mobility of post-operative and severely injured patients.

Carestream offers a broad portfolio of products for orthopaedic professionals including CR, DR and CARESTREAM Vue PACS that integrates seamlessly with ORTHOVIEW Orthopaedic Digital Templating software.

The company continues to invest in developing new orthopaedic imaging systems for use by hospitals, orthopaedic practices and sports medicine providers. For example, cone beam CT (CBCT) technology can be used in treating orthopaedic conditions. Carestream is collaborating with leading orthopaedic and sports medicine specialists to develop a new three-dimensional CBCT system (INVESTIGATIONAL – NOT AVAILABLE FOR COMMERCIAL SALE) for capturing images of patient extremities (knees, legs, feet, arms and hands).

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