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December 16, 2016

Turning users’ ideas into innovations

By Angie Rhoads, Sr. Director, Product Management at Greenway Health

Thomas Edison once described inventors as “specialists in high pressure stimulation of the public imagination.” This is why our Product Management team focuses on listening to the market. Greenway Users are the ones who know how our products impact the daily operations of medical practices, so why not pick their brains when updating our products?

We devote hours to understanding government regulations and requirements so that we can provide solutions that are certified and support your compliance. Users, however, don’t simply measure the effectiveness and quality of a platform by its capacity to ensure compliance with government programs. The convenience and efficiency added to their daily tasks and overall workflows determine their satisfaction. What makes us unique in the health IT field is that, where the road to compliance ends, our innovation begins.

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October 25, 2016

Cybersecurity: Who would attack a small healthcare practice… and what you can do about it

By Sam Snider, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at Greenway Health

When I speak about the cybersecurity aspects of HIPAA compliance, I like to lead by saying that there’s only one question you have to ask to determine whether or not a particular computer is vulnerable to hacking – is it in any way connected to the internet?

It’s a good line that usually gets a chuckle, and it’s consistent with the steady stream of “YOU’RE NOT SAFE OUT THERE” articles that have been the rage at least since Kevin Mitnick was convicted back in the 1990s.

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October 10, 2016

Diagnosis: Physician burnout

By Eric Grunden, Vice President, Professional Services, Greenway Health

In recent decades, physicians’ care for their patients has become more challenging because of increased workload, increased administrative responsibilities, and decreased autonomy.[i] No matter what changes in the healthcare industry – regulations, expectations, legislation, reimbursements, etc. – it seems medical providers are never able to keep up. This is why the concept of physician burnout has remained a trending topic for quite a while.

Some argue that burnout comes solely from the unrealistic requirements the industry imposes on medical providers. Others argue that burnout can be ameliorated or even prevented if the proper technology and resources are fully implemented and leveraged. Regardless of which side of the argument one supports, the reality is that our medical providers have been feeling the pressure for many years. An essay published in JAMA in 2005 found that male doctors killed themselves at a rate 70 percent higher than males in other professions and female doctors killed themselves at a rate between 250 and 400 percent higher than females in other professions.[ii]

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