Four Steps to Optimizing and Streamlining Healthcare Payments

Written by: Jeffrey W. Brown

The stress level in physician practices is high – and not just for patients worried about their health. Office staff must balance patient scheduling and visits with office tasks and work flow, plus keep up with billing and collections. On top of that, it can seem like every task you undertake is governed by regulations, mandates, procedures and laws.

Too often physician practice employees may feel like their choices are limited, with finite options that don’t necessarily deliver the optimum, or desired, result. This can feel particularly true of payments—which are essential to a practice’s existence, but can be difficult and cumbersome to process.

There’s good news for practices spending too much time and effort on managing payments. You have options that can streamline payment and reconciliation, minimize risk and reduce costs. Perhaps surprisingly, practices should know that the best payment process may consist of several methods; you can adjust how you receive payments based on your unique practice requirements.

Optimizing payments, reducing costs
The following are four steps you can take to optimize your practice payments process and reduce costs.

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