Going beyond technology: Roni Amiel at Blythedale Children’s Hospital

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When searching for broad perspectives, we have learned to seek individuals who exist in multiple arenas. Roni Amiel fits this role well as the Chief Information Officer at Blythedale Children's Hospital in Valhalla, New York and as a student seeking a Master's degree with a concentration in nanotechnology at Rutger's University.

In addition to his Bridge panel contribution, Amiel agreed to speak with me about what he sees as the roles technologists, clinicians, vendors, government and patients play in the evolution of healthcare IT. Below is the record of our conversation.

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Free: You have a rich background in technology. Will you please provide a brief outline of your experience?

Ameil: The way I would normally describe my background is to say that I am a plumber. I am also an electrician. At least, that is the internal joke where I work because I tend to wear a few different hats.

More to the point of your question, I have been a technologist for over 20 years. In terms of healthcare, I have worked in a variety of areas such as research and development, biopharmaceuticals and even including an medical examination office. I think I have collected a well-rounded set of experiences over the years applying technology to healthcare.

Also in the past 15 years, I have acted as a point of person for information security. I spent that time evaluating technology in a very different ways, beyond the zeros and ones that a technologist would normally review. Also, I tend to focus on initiatives and organizations that I can relate to their mission and vision.

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