Elixir Technologies teams with Armor to enhance enterprise cloud security

Elixir Technologies announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Armor, an industry leader in active cyber defense, offering a highly secure, compliant and scalable cloud infrastructure. Armor will provide the cloud infrastructure for Tango+, Elixir’s groundbreaking SaaS-delivered customer communications management (CCM) solution for organizations of all sizes. Tango+ is a complete, SaaS-delivered, browser-based CCM platform designed to effectively handle the strict content requirements of highly regulated industries, while delivering world-class tools for every role involved in the customer communications process. Delivered via Armor’s highly secure cloud infrastructure, Tango+ enables organizations to build complete, secure CCM applications, all in the cloud.

“At Elixir, security is always a proactive quest and a top priority,” said Waqar Ahmad, chief information security officer, Elixir Technologies. “Armor was a clear choice as a partner, not only because it leads the industry on issues such as proactive threat intelligence, dwell time and other important security strategies, but also because of the company’s approach to reliability and scalability. By partnering with Armor, we’re able to deliver Tango+ on the most secure, reliable, scalable infrastructure available, enabling organizations to immediately deploy secure Tango+ CCM applications in the cloud without the cost associated with owning such powerful and secure environments.”

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