Elevating discharge: A critical factor in preventing readmissions while improving the patient experience

With risk migrating from payers to providers, hospitals can no longer afford to cut ties with patients at discharge. Instead, they should actively transition individuals to appropriate post-acute care settings and continually track and assess risk to ensure patients do not return to the hospital unnecessarily. 

By enhancing discharge, hospitals not only can prevent avoidable readmissions and impact outcomes, they can also improve the patient’s experience and satisfaction. Additionally, well-honed discharge processes can mitigate penalties while boosting workflow efficiency and overall care quality – ultimately protecting an organization’s bottom line. 

Though making the discharge effort more robust and interactive typically hasn’t been a priority for organizations, it is becoming increasingly important given today’s healthcare environment. 

Hospitals that employ the following best practices can enable a reliable and consistent discharge and post-discharge experience for patients, their families and staff. 

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