EHNAC Partners With the Healthcare Administrative Technology Association (HATA)

The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), a non-profit standards development organization and accrediting body, and the Healthcare Administrative Technology Association (HATA) announce a partnership to further efforts of ensuring a common level of functionality and data security for practice management systems.

With this partnership, HATA members applying for the Practice Management System Accreditation Program (PMSAP) for the first time will receive a discount for the accreditation process. Applications will be discounted $400 for entities with less than $75 million in healthcare-related revenues annually, and $600 for entities with more than $75 million in healthcare-related revenues annually.

Additionally, HATA will provide a 25 percent discount for new member dues when an organization shows it has applied for the PMSAP and a 10 percent discount for renewal of members who maintain their PMSAP accreditation.

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