Does the future of UK healthcare lie at home?

New research reveals potential of in-home care technology to alleviate pressure on national healthcare, as 64 percent of people voice concern over level of GP care available in older age.

With the future of the UK’s healthcare system never far from the top of the agenda, new research by Arqiva and YouGov reveals that over 70 percent of British adults believe using technologies in the home to monitor health would take the pressure off patients and the NHS (72 percent) and enable local GPs to prioritise patient treatment (71 percent).

With pressures on GP surgeries expected to rise in response to the UK’s aging population, the findings confirm the feasibility of ‘DIY’ healthcare as 91 percent of people say they would be prepared to monitor basic vitals from a given list – such as blood pressure (72 percent), heart rate (65 percent) and weight (88 percent) – at home. This could be achieved via Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices.

The knock on effect of self-managing even these basic checks could increase both appointment availability and the time GPs could spend with patients in need of more complex care.

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