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Countdown to HIMSS’16: Q & A with Dr. Lin Wan, Stella Technology

In December, I had the opportunity to interview Salim Kizaraly, Founder, Senior Vice President, Stella Technology. During our talk, I learned how Stella Technology's interoperability services enable healthcare organizations to better communicate, collaborate and share clinical information. 

To kick off our "Countdown to HIMSS'16" series, I approached Dr. Lin Wan, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Stella Technology (HIMSS Booth #11954-46) to learn more about her company's work and her career in the area of interoperability.

Dr. Wan was born in China and received her Ph.D. in Physics from Princeton University. She participated in the formation of both Healtheway and Direct, co-founded leading health information exchange (HIE) pioneer Axolotl, and after Axolotl’s purchase by Optum, co-founded Stella Technology

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