Contactless payments are revolutionizing the health sector

With the increasing ownership of mobile devices, the health sector has also started searching for ways to effectively maximize the technology in offering the best medical services to the public. In a survey featured by Mobile Health News, 69 percent of medical providers leverage mobile devices to view patient information, while 36 percent use mobile technologies to collect health data at their bedside.

However, it’s the medical billing and payments that are poised to explode this year for three reasons:

1. Multiple and efficient payment options.

2. Healthcare bills are made simpler.

3. Providers and patients are aligned and more connected.

Today’s payment options

In information shared by Worldpay, they state there are 4 popular card terminals leveraged by businesses and government agencies today: countertop, portable, mobile, and contactless.

However, the contactless card machines are considered the most effective method to speed up queues and reduce transaction times, as payers only need to tap or hover their card or applicable mobile devices to make/receive the payment. Mobile payment solutions are gaining traction, as patients seek more accessible billing and payment options.

“Patients are beginning to expect the same level of convenience in paying their medical bills as they do for most of their other bills,” said Laurie Hurwitz, executive director of Gundersen Health System in a post by Healthcare Finance.

Hurwitz added, “Mobile payments allow patients to self manage their balances either by paying in full or setting up and managing payment plans. That also pays off for health systems, by enabling a facility to cut the number of revenue cycle staff necessary to answer calls and shift those staff up in the cycle to offer things like more financial counselling, clearance and estimates.”

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