Combatting advanced threats against healthcare

It’s probably obvious to anyone these days that every single business that collects any type of personal information, payments or data from customers is now solidly in the crosshairs of attackers looking to steal that information. This is true for every type of organization from financial institutions to universities to retail stores. Even some of the biggest firms in the world, with seemingly the most robust defenses, are not immune to getting breached. Home Depot, Target, Sony Pictures, and so many others have lost millions of dollars and the personal information of customers and employees alike. Nearly every day it seems like a new organization joins the long list of victims.

While it’s easy to say that everyone is in the same boat, for healthcare organizations, the news is bound to get worse as the frequency and complexity of those attacks is increasing faster against healthcare than almost any other group. Driven by a rising value placed on stolen patient information and its usefulness in committing secondary crimes such as identity theft, it’s not a question of if, but instead of when, any healthcare organization will be breached. This trend will unfortunately continue until defenses catch up with the skill and sophistication of today’s advanced attackers.

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