CognitiveScale launches Guided Care suite of cognitive healthcare insights to boost patient engagement and manage population health

CognitiveScale announced its Guided Care suite of cognitive healthcare insights at HIMSS15. Powered by cognitive technology, Guided Care Insights is a first of its kind system designed to help patients, care managers and population health executives effectively treat and manage chronic conditions including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The Guided Care suite of Insights can help reduce emergency room visits annually by more than five percent and reduce hospital use rates up to 30 percent over five years. It represents a new class of data interpretation and learning systems enabled by a convergence of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and feedback driven dynamic learning software.

According to Gartner’s “Business Drivers of Technology Decisions for Healthcare Providers, 2015,” published 27 January 2015: “IT is a major tool in executing population health management and consumer engagement. Over time, dramatic IT innovations – such as the use of sensors, real-time analytics and cognitive computing – also transform operations toward a real-time intelligent operations paradigm. This will lead to a fundamental shift in the relative importance of IT – and a dramatic increase in complexity – in healthcare provider strategic planning processes and options.”

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