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Clinovera Introduces New Healthcare and Life Sciences Services that Harness Technology Breakthroughs for Better Care and Outcomes

Clinovera, a specialized Healthcare technology service provider, announced its initial portfolio of custom Healthcare and Life Sciences services focused on using AI, machine learning, intelligent analytics and other digital technologies to transform business and clinical processes, lower costs and deliver personalized care experiences.

“The unprecedented pace of change and innovations in technologies are transforming the way Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations operate, compete, provide care and bring new treatments to market,” said, Anatoly Postilnik, Managing Director, Clinovera. “Far from being a startup, Clinovera’s experts have decades of domain-specific expertise to help organizations digitally transform to improve the quality of care, speed clinical development, lower costs and ultimately change millions of lives for the better.”

New Clinovera Healthcare and Life Sciences Services:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Clinovera AI/ML experts help organizations analyze, develop and implement rapidly evolving technologies to accelerate the pace of innovation, modernize care infrastructures, and improve population health, patient diagnosis, and drug discovery.
  • Real World Evidence (RWE) Research – Clinovera data scientists and software engineers help organizations advance clinical trials and clinical research by building efficient ETL (extract, transfer & load) pipelines to Common Data Models, performing data harmonization, developing high-quality data repositories, and building research applications.
  • Data Management, Engineering & Analytics – Clinovera data experts and software engineers help organizations design and build large-scale operational data stores, facilitate data governance, quality management, and generate analytical insights to lower costs and improve patient outcomes.
  • Standards-based Health Data Interoperability – Clinovera domain experts analyze, design, develop and implement a highly connected healthcare ecosystem utilizing standard healthcare interoperability protocols and emerging technologies.
  • Systems Development and Integration – Clinovera experts and software engineers design, develop and implement clinical decision-support systems, patient and provider portals, and other custom solutions for patients, clinicians, researchers, staff, vendors and others.