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Clinical experts in population health provide custom support, guidance throughout entire customer engagement

Caradigm, the leader in enterprise population health, today announced the formation of a Care Transformation Team, which is dedicated to accelerating the success and outcomes of population health initiatives for providers that employ Caradigm solutions.

The rapid growth in the number of accountable care organizations (ACOs) in the U.S. has led to the proliferation of technology solutions for population health. Recognizing that population health is not a “one size fits all approach,” the Caradigm Care Transformation Team, consisting of clinical experts in population health, will provide deep support and guidance to providers throughout the entire customer engagement on how to best align their specific care delivery needs to the capabilities of Caradigm solutions. In addition, the Care Transformation Team will help providers identify potential internal processes that may need to change or expand in order to optimize for population health.

“The transformation that population health is driving in healthcare is universal, but how providers adapt and harness this change is an extremely personal undertaking,” said Michael Simpson, CEO, Caradigm. “There are multiple paths to population health, such as bundled payments, MSSP, federal programs and clinically integrated networks (CINs) -- but no two providers, even if they employ the same strategy, will execute it in the same way. In the era of population health, the responsibility of software companies goes beyond successful implementation – as they must also ensure that the provider is able to achieve the outcomes unique to its organization. Caradigm’s Care Transformation Team is entrusted with this critical responsibility.”

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