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Clean data at the heart of healthcare’s transformation

Over the past 12 months, the healthcare industry has seen many providers take advantage of their supply chain data to make better decisions not only for cost-cutting measures, but to improve and, at times, standardize patient care. We’ve even seen supply chain involvement in predictive analytics, using data to better anticipate which products will be needed and enable providers to not lose speed to patient care if a product is discontinued or backordered.

But these opportunities to take advantage of data for the benefit of quality patient care and optimization for the hospital come with a renewed focus on and accountability for the integrity of that data. So much of our efforts to transform the industry, and establish a sustainable model for the future, hinges on accurate, trust-worthy data.

Healthcare IT systems drive massive amounts of data. Our industry’s challenge is not a lack of data, but rather the quality of that data. Too often we cannot access the data we need when we need it, or worse yet, the data is inaccurate, incomplete, or simply outdated. When inaccurate or “dirty” data drives our industry’s activities, the outcomes suffer -- leading to a host of issues, including a lack of visibility, increased risk for more errors, clinician distrust, and an inability to accurately measure results.

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