CitiusTech launches CQ-IQ – first clinical quality rules engine in the cloud

CitiusTech, a provider of healthcare technology solutions, announced the launch of its cloud-hosted clinical quality analytics platform – CQ-IQ. CQM (Clinical Quality Measure) reporting is becoming a core requirement for healthcare organizations today to enhance healthcare delivery and to meet new regulatory reporting requirements. CQ-IQ, the first-of-its-kind platform will enable healthcare organizations to leverage its advanced CQM computation capabilities (as a web service) in a HIPAA compliant cloud environment.

CQ-IQ is a comprehensive analytics offering that leverages the power of BI-Clinical, CitiusTech’s healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting platform which is used across 4,000 provider locations. CQ-IQ offers a simple web services based approach for clinical quality computations for any healthcare applications and data sources. CQ-IQ also provides robust data validation tools for data structure, data quality, and terminology compliance. CQ-IQ enables providers and healthcare IT vendors to reduce the overall cost of developing, maintaining and certifying a large set of clinical quality measures – significantly increasing flexibility and reducing operational cost of managing large portfolio of CQMs.

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