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Virtual reality project allows doctors to teleport into a heart

“I can literally see where the blood’s coming from and where it’s going in a way that I never had,” says Dr. Christopher Knoll, a Stanford pediatric cardiology fellow. In other health IT news, an ER doctor wins millions for his “Star Trek” inspired device, scientists hijack bacteria for good, and an entrepreneur develops an app that can serve as a GPS in emergency situations.

Stat: Virtual Reality Takes Doctors On A ‘Fantastic Voyage’ Inside Hearts
Stanford University offers doctors a “room” with a unique view — the inside of an infant’s beating heart, valves opening and closing, blood cells rushing past. (Well, it’s unique if you discount the campy 1966 sci-fi thriller, Fantastic Voyage.) The virtual reality project tackles what has always been a major challenge for medical trainees: how to visualize a heart in action in three dimensions. Through VR goggles, they can now travel inside the heart and explore congenital heart defects as if they have been shrunken to the size of a peanut. (Piller, 4/13)

The Washington Post: Self-Funded Team Led By An ER Doctor Wins ‘Star Trek’-Inspired Competition
A seven-member, self-funded team consisting of four siblings won the international X Prize tricorder consumer medical competition — yes, inspired by the “Star Trek” gizmo — besting 312 entrants from 38 countries, many with corporate and government backing. Final Frontier Medical Devices, led by Basil Harris, a suburban Philadelphia emergency room doctor, won the $2.6 million top prize. The open competition, launched in 2012, challenged applicants to produce a lightweight, affordable health kit that diagnoses and interprets 13 health conditions and continuously monitors five health vitals. (Heller, 4/13)

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Anthem Blue Cross,bariatric surgery,Blue Distinction Center+ designation,Huntington Memorial Hospital,Specialty Care

Huntington Memorial Hospital among first to receive Blue Distinction designations for quality, cost-effective bariatric surgery

Huntington Memorial Hospital has been named as one of the first healthcare facilities in the nation to receive a Blue Distinction Center+ designation in the area of bariatric surgery by the Blue Distinctions Centers for Specialty Care program. Blue Distinction Centers are nationally designated healthcare facilities shown to deliver quality specialty care based on objective measures, which were developed with input from the medical community, for patient safety and better health outcomes.

To receive a Blue Distinction Center+ for Bariatric Surgery designation, a healthcare facility must demonstrate success in meeting patient safety as well as bariatric-specific quality measures, including complications and readmissions, for gastric stapling and/or gastric banding procedures.  A healthcare facility must also have earned national accreditations at both the facility level and the bariatric care-specific level, as well as demonstrate better cost efficiency relative to its peers.

Quality is key: only those facilities that first meet Blue Distinction’s nationally-established, objective quality measures will be considered for designation as a Blue Distinction Center+. Huntington Hospital is proud to be recognized by our local health plan, Anthem Blue Cross for meeting the rigorous selection criteria for bariatric surgery set by the Blue Distinction Centers for Specialty Care program.

“On behalf of the entire bariatric team, we are honored to be recognized as a Blue Distinction Center,” said David Lourie, MD, Director, bariatric surgery program, Huntington Hospital. “Bariatric surgery is an effective tool for patients who have obesity-related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, and is used as part of comprehensive plans developed by our team.  By following these plans, we have been able to help thousands of people improve their quality of life, which often includes educating them about nutrition, exercise and behavior modifications.”

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Alloy Health Platform,data Platform as a Service,dPaaS,interoperability,Liaison,long-term care,SigmaCare

Liaison Technologies and SigmaCare collaborate to provide results for long-term care

Liaison Technologies, a provider of  cloud-based integration and data management offerings, announced their partnership with SigmaCare, an electronic health record (EHR) technology partner for long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC), and senior living providers. Liaison will connect SigmaCare customers to more than 140 labs and imaging vendors already integrated within the Liaison EMR-Link hub.

SigmaCare delivers best-in-class clinical software to the long-term and post-acute care and senior living markets, enabling providers to improve quality of care and financial results by driving down costs, increasing revenue, and reducing risk. Now, with Liaison’s expansive network of lab and imaging integrations, SigmaCare will be able to provide customers a greater selection of vendor integrations that support the ability to enter lab and imaging orders and review results seamlessly from within their EHR workflows.

“Building upon our dedication and expertise in interoperability, we are excited that EMR-link not only provides us with immediate access to Liaison’s extensive lab hub, but allows us to help our facilities get the access they need to their local and regional lab and imaging resources, especially those providing mobile services to the multiple facilities,” said Steve Pacicco, CEO of SigmaCare.  

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Chronic Care,Chronic Care Management Program,CMS,EHR,HealthFusion,MediTouch,Population Health

HealthFusion MediTouch logo

HealthFusion’s MediTouch EHR introduces new feature in conjunction with CMS’ Chronic Care Management Program

HealthFusion, maker of MediTouch EHR, a cloud computing software solution for physicians, hospitals, and medical billing services, launched a new Chronic Care Management (CCM) module that allows for practices to track and bill patients with two or more chronic conditions. This first and only one of its kind feature is designed in response to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) announcement of the new Chronic Care Management Benefit, which was implemented January 1, 2015.

Authorized by CMS, this program allows physicians to bill $42.60 per 30-day period for 20 minutes of non-face-to-face chronic care management activity. Physicians who currently treat senior patients, many of whom are likely to have two or more chronic conditions, may have already been performing this type of care management but now can earn additional revenue for the services.

The CCM program requires additional steps, including an explanation to the patient along with a signed agreement about the program. As a result, many physicians struggle with getting this program integrated into their practices, which could lead to a missed revenue opportunity. HealthFusion’s CCM module is designed to assist facilities and physicians in optimizing this new revenue opportunity from the convenience of MediTouch’s all-in-one EHR software.

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