Carestream’s new radiography/fluoroscopy systems available for order worldwide

Carestream’s DRX-Excel systems are configured with a table and a tube in one system. An optional integrated flat panel detector produces high-resolution images for general radiography as well as fluoroscopic sequences. The DRX-Excel platform also is available as a conventional R/F system that uses either CR cassettes or DRX-1 detectors with an image intensifier.

“We are expanding our radiography leadership to include fluoroscopy, which is performed by many of the hospitals and imaging centers we serve,” said Diana L. Nole, President, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream. “This is a natural extension for both our company and our customers, and enables healthcare providers to benefit from purchasing these systems from a single supplier with a strong reputation for outstanding service and support.”

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Carestream, CARESTREAM DRX detector, DRX-Excel system, fluoroscopic sequences


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