Carestream’s Healthcare IT platforms support data aggregation from existing systems for a more holistic view of the patient

Creating rapid, secure access to imaging data by on-site and off-site users is a major goal of informatics professionals attending the SIIM (Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine) conference held this year from May 28-30. Carestream representatives will demonstrate advanced healthcare IT software solutions that deliver convenient, high-quality imaging access and support expedited data sharing among departmental systems, PACS platforms and vendor-neutral archives.

“Efficient management of patient medical data must include all types of images, which is difficult because image data is currently stored in diverse formats in a variety of departmental systems,” said Cristine Kao, Carestream’s Global Marketing Director for Healthcare Information Solutions. “Imaging informatics professionals understand these challenges and can work with IT managers and others to help drive implementation of new technologies that enhance data exchange across the enterprise.”

Data sharing must include both on-site and off-site users and serve the needs of radiologists, clinicians, specialists and referring physicians. An essential element of clinical data distribution is an enterprise viewer that equips clinicians with the ability to view reports and associated imaging data on mobile devices while they are seeing patients at hospitals, offices, clinics and other healthcare provider locations.

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