Carestream obtains FDA clearance for diagnostic reading of ECG waveforms on mobile tablets using Vue Motion viewer

Carestream has obtained FDA Clearance for diagnostic reading of ECG waveforms on desktop displays and mobile tablets using its Vue Motion universal viewer. ER physicians, cardiologists and other clinicians can quickly and easily view ECG exams to treat patients with STEMI (ST segment elevation myocardial infarction) as well as other heart conditions and illnesses. This capability is also available as an optional module in Carestream’s Vue PACS Client. “Patients suffering from chest pain can face death or disability if their condition is not assessed and treated immediately,” said Ron Muscosky, Carestream’s Worldwide Product Line Manager for Healthcare Information Solutions. “Equipping ER physicians, cardiologists or other specialists with the ability to view ECG waveforms from virtually anywhere in seconds delivers valuable diagnostic information that can enhance patient care. This is especially important for a STEMI case, which is a severe and deadly type of heart attack that is identified by a specific ECG pattern.”

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