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Carestream Launches Affordable, Agile, Productivity-Boosting DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System

Expanding its industry-leading mobile X-ray portfolio, Carestream Health has introduced the DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System . This feature-rich, fully integrated digital X-ray unit gives customers an affordable path to digital imaging — or replacement or expansion of their existing DR fleet — without significant capital investment.

“An advanced DR mobile imaging system can dramatically improve patient care, diagnostic confidence, and mobile imaging throughput, but the cost of the equipment has been out of reach for some facilities,” said Jordan Berry, Global Marketing Manager, Carestream Health. “Carestream’s DRX-Rise provides the most important features of a high-end mobile digital radiography system at a price that not only makes sense, but is also justified by noticeable improvements in imaging performance, ease of use, and productivity.”

The system is packed full of efficiency-boosting features. Its state-of-the-art lithium battery and in-bin detector charging allow radiographers to drive farther and complete more examinations on a single charge — saving time and increasing throughput. The system’s two touchscreen displays provide two work zones to accelerate productivity further. At the same time, new drive capabilities allow the radiographer to precisely move the lightweight system into optimal position at the bedside —from the tube head or the wireless remote control.

The nearly-silent DRX-Rise is ideal for use in crowded and sensitive areas such as the ICU and NICU, with the versatility and flexibility to meet the numerous mobile imaging demands throughout a facility.

The DRX-Rise is equipped with Carestream’s cutting-edge ImageView Software , driven by the powerful Eclipse processing engine with AI, that offers robust processing and images of optimal quality while reducing errors and increasing dose efficiency. Bringing ImageView processing to the bedside with DRX-Rise provides a comprehensive pathway to more rapid diagnosis and patient treatment.

“The DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System delivers high-end features that support the most critical needs in medical imaging: exceptional image quality for confident diagnosis; workflow-accelerating attributes for productivity; and a more comfortable imaging experience for patients  — all without significantly impacting capital budget,” said Mr. Berry. “The new DRX-Rise system places the benefits of an advanced DR mobile system with reach, all from the manufacturer of the industry’s most popular mobile X-ray system, the DRX-Revolution.