Caradigm expands healthcare identity and access management to include electronic prescribing of controlled substances

Caradigm, a leader in enterprise population health, today announced that it has added Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) to its Identity and Access Management (IAM) portfolio. Caradigm EPCS is designed specifically to confront challenges faced by hospitals, clinics and other organizations that electronically prescribe controlled substances by streamlining clinical workflows and simplifying the two-factor authentication imposed by the DEA and state regulations.

A growing number of federal and state regulations ensure appropriate controls around electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. While substances listed on Schedules II-V can be prescribed for medical use, some states impose even more stringent requirements in addition to those set by the DEA. Caradigm EPCS manages critical aspects of EPCS workflows and integrates with multiple third-party systems that provide complementary functions required to meet all federal and state regulations end-to-end. This process runs from the time the drugs are ordered, through fulfillment and delivery.

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