Canon announces imageWARE Secure Audit Manager Express V2.1

Canon U.S.A., a provider of digital imaging solutions, is pleased to announce the new imageWARE Secure Audit Manager (SAM) Express V2.1, a security software solution for audit purposes in the information security space.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), 80 percent of organizations expect to suffer at least one successful attack causing serious harm that requires remediation. IDC’s analysis also found the average total cost of a data breach clocked in at $1.3 million. With the increasing frequency of security leaks, there is a growing need for companies to take interest in security software solutions, such as the imageWARE SAM ExpressV2.1, which is designed to help provide a safeguard that customers can use when it comes to printing, copying, scanning or faxing sensitive information.

Now sold exclusively as a module within uniFLOW, imageWARE SAM Express V2.1, software can detect key words within the document and notify administrators of potential leaks. The software provides a content audit trail by monitoring various activities on supported Canon devices, including print, scan, fax and copy, and by capturing, archiving and notifying what information users add to the system should a possible leak occur.

“As the risk of security breaches continues to increase, it’s critical for companies to take preventative measures to ensure confidential information is protected,” said Randy Dazo of InfoTrends. “We’re confident that the newly enhanced imageWARE SAM Express V2.1 will provide a powerful option that businesses can incorporate into their overall information security strategy.”

“The imageWARE Secure Audit Manager platform is a groundbreaking solution,” said Jamie Bsales, Senior Editor at Buyers Lab LLC (BLI). “The latest version promises tight integration with the award-winning uniFLOW platform and has the capacity to help organizations with an aspect of the vexing problem of information security at the MFP level.”

Key features and benefits

The imageWARE SAM Express V2.1 can archive images processed on any supported Canon device2 throughout an office and can capture associated job attributes such as user, time, document type and device function used. By archiving copies, prints, faxes and scans, imageWARE SAM Express V2.1 can establish an easy means for administrators to audit internal document processing activities.

In addition to its archiving features, the imageWARE SAM Express V2.1 can also send images through uniFLOW to produce an OCR searchable text document of the archived image. Through a powerful keyword designation feature, keywords can be designated as high risk, and when scanned, printed or copied these key words can trigger an alert email to IT or Security Administration personnel so that such personnel can quickly respond as they see appropriate.

“With highly publicized security breaches featured in the media, companies are realizing that security threats have grown more common in the workplace. As a result, security software solutions have become a necessity in the way that companies do business,” said Junichi Yoshitake, general manager and vice president of Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Canon is proud to introduce imageWARE SAM Express V2.1 and continue arming businesses with the tools to audit internal document processing activities.”


imageWARE SAM Express V2.1 is now available, and sold exclusively as a module within uniFLOW. It is available through Canon authorized dealers who can also consult and architect the best configuration of the solution for virtually any enterprise.

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