Canon announces imageWARE Secure Audit Manager Express V2.1

Canon U.S.A., a provider of digital imaging solutions, is pleased to announce the new imageWARE Secure Audit Manager (SAM) Express V2.1, a security software solution for audit purposes in the information security space.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), 80 percent of organizations expect to suffer at least one successful attack causing serious harm that requires remediation. IDC's analysis also found the average total cost of a data breach clocked in at $1.3 million. With the increasing frequency of security leaks, there is a growing need for companies to take interest in security software solutions, such as the imageWARE SAM ExpressV2.1, which is designed to help provide a safeguard that customers can use when it comes to printing, copying, scanning or faxing sensitive information.

Now sold exclusively as a module within uniFLOW, imageWARE SAM Express V2.1, software can detect key words within the document and notify administrators of potential leaks. The software provides a content audit trail by monitoring various activities on supported Canon devices, including print, scan, fax and copy, and by capturing, archiving and notifying what information users add to the system should a possible leak occur.

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