Bridge panelist: Subra Sripada

As a part of our Bridge Panel series, Subra Sripada, Chief Transformation Officer, System Chief Information Officer, Beaumont Health offers his thoughts on the current state of healthcare IT education, as well as advice for students currently enrolled in academic programs and on the verge of entering the field. 

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Mallory: Some members of both the academic and professional areas of healthcare IT see a disconnection between the attitudes, knowledge and skills being taught and the attitudes, knowledge and skills that are currently expected in the workplace.  It has even been said that some C-suite executives do not fully appreciate some of the latest ideas being brought to them by their newly hired employees.  Do you feel these opinions have any validity?

 Sripada: I thought you were going down the path of medical schools, as the example have they kept up, in terms of their curriculum, for the changing world?

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