Breaking down healthcare silos improves internal communications

Step into any hospital or healthcare facility today, and you might notice that each department typically operates within its own distinct silo. Just as farming silos individually store copious amounts of grain, healthcare silos store massive amounts of data, information and ideas that are segregated by different departments.

Unfortunately, the silo method of organizing information creates a disconnect between healthcare facilities, providers and payers – contributing to the lack of communication between groups in the healthcare system. However, by breaking down these data silos, internal communication can not only improve, but it also can become more readily accessible. With better ease of access and sharing of information, all parties involved in the healthcare system can improve patient data flow, achieve a higher level of collaboration and become more efficient. Integrated access to information for providers, payers, and hospitals enables all parties across the board to more effectively communicate and collaborate as one organization rather than divided entities. This ensures that all parties have a common goal in mind: providing patients with the highest level of care possible.

Driving the collaboration between payers and providers is a recent trend called “convergence.” Byron C. Scott, associate chief medical officer at Truven Health Analytics, defines convergence as the collaboration of payers and providers to provide population health management.

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