Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama providing greater access to healthcare through telemedicine services

To provide greater access to quality healthcare in rural communities, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is proud to announce a statewide initiative to pay providers for telemedicine services beginning December 1, 2015. Due to a lack of subspecialist physicians in certain rural communities, there are often gaps in specialty medical care when compared to more urban communities.

This initiative is designed to help fill those gaps for Alabamians and provide care for conditions in the following categories:

  • Cardiologic conditions;
  • Behavioral health;
  • Dermatologic conditions;
  • Infectious disease;
  • Neurologic diseases, including stroke.

“We are proud to support telemedicine because we want our members to have enhanced access to quality healthcare wherever they are in Alabama. With the innovative technology available today, we are now able to do just that,” said Doug McIntyre, Vice President of Network Operations, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

“We are proud and thankful that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is a leading champion of telemedicine in Alabama. By removing barriers of time, distance, and provider scarcities, telehealth can deliver important medical services where they are needed most; in remote, rural and medically underserved urban communities,” said Rena Brewer, RN, MA, SouthEastern Telehealth Resource Center.

Due to advanced technology and high resolution video capabilities now available, telemedicine provides quality results and offers another option for care in addition to seeing a doctor in person. Telemedicine successfully exchanges medical information about a patient from one originating site to another distant site via two-way telecommunications systems that are realtime, interactive, secure and HIPAA compliant.

This is just one part of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama’s statewide comprehensive initiative, “Circle of Care” Primary Care Select Program, a long-term investment to help improve access to healthcare services in Alabama. This program sets a new standard of support and collaboration between Blue Cross, our members and their primary care physicians.

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