Best practices for healthcare data centers

Healthcare data centers are subject to such complex demands that it can be challenging to diagnose and prescribe the best way forward when contemplating change.

In the same way that multiple medical disciplines are united to work together smoothly within a healthcare facility, so must the many IT systems that support these disciplines, including providing seamless integration with foundational systems such as practice management, the databases supporting Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and integration of mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In fact, according to the Insight white paper 11 Best Practices for Healthcare Data Centers, “Put a bunch of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and other IT leaders in a conference room with peers from other sectors, and those from healthcare probably have bragging rights for having the toughest job. The stories they can tell: legacy systems, plenty of purpose-built specialty solutions, and physicians and other staff requiring instant access to all – with life-or-death consequences.”

And there is plenty of Governance, Regulation and Compliance (GRC) to attend to – including mandates that may seemingly pull in different directions, such as the need to tightly control security of patient data and personally identifiable information, while on the other hand supporting the ability to securely share properly cleansed data with other organizations in the pursuit of medical research and providing optimal outcomes.

All of this makes it critically important to have a robust discovery phase when considering changes within healthcare data centers – whether refreshing hardware, deploying new software, supporting mobile devices and the IoT, or integrating cloud-based resources.

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