Managing transformation without losing sight of the patient: Beaumont Health System

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The responsibilities of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a healthcare organization of any size can be extremely daunting. When considering the magnitude of a CIO's tasks and challenges that are created when combining the IT infrastructures and processes of three large organizations, one may feel as though customer service might take a back seat to other goals, if only momentarily. Subra Sripada, Chief Transformation Officer, System Chief Information Officer, Beaumont Health and his staff, however, are not only successfully managing one of the largest healthcare transitions in North America, but they are also making sure that their work is aimed squarely at leveraging their technologies at the most fundamental, patient-friendly objectives.

Sripada and I discuss his job responsibilities, as well as how he sees his work as being vital to establishing a strong relationship with Beaumount Health's patients.   

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Free: Before we discuss the transformation you are leading, could you please provide an outline of your professional background?

Sripada: Before I came to Beaumont Health System six years ago, I was working in management consulting. I came to Beaumont from Price Waterhouse Cooper. Prior to that, I consulted with Capgemini and Ernst and Young. I also worked was in the industry with Henry Ford Health System and then others.

My focus is on IT and business strategy. In my consulting work, I focused on business transformations. Using that experience, I have been very deeply involved with the integration of the three health systems that are coming together to create Beaumont Health. 

It is a good confluence of technology-enabled transformation here because we are strong believers that  IT is going to be a key differentiator and those who figure out how to leverage the technology to not only drive better outcomes for our patients, drive better efficiency as well as make possible what previously was not possible in healthcare.

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