Bay Area Regional Medical Center is first to use Spectralink PIVOT with Voalte One for caregiver communication

Voalte, a provider in healthcare communication technology, and Spectralink, a provider of purpose-built wireless communications, announced that Bay Area Regional Medical Center (Bay Area Regional), a 104-bed acute-care facility in Webster, Texas, is first to implement the Voalte One solution on Spectralink PIVOT purpose-built smartphones for caregiver communication. 

"Since Spectralink named Voalte a member of its AIMS Partner Program last fall, we've been working together to pair the revolutionary PIVOT WorkSmart device with the Voalte One application," said Voalte Founder and CEO Trey Lauderdale. "We're pleased that our strategic partnership has resulted in Bay Area Regional being the first facility to use this intuitive communication solution, which simplifies the way healthcare workers do their jobs."

Bay Area Regional went live site-wide with Spectralink PIVOT devices in March 2015. PIVOT runs on the Android operating system, and the devices are shared by nurses and support staff, who have adapted quickly to the new technology.

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