AnzuMedical announces new knowledge sharing and collaboration platform for medical communities & healthcare organizations

AnzuMedical today announced its new Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Platform for healthcare organizations and medical communities. It is designed to help improve best practices, learning, and collaboration through efficient information access and sharing between physicians, healthcare professionals, patients, community members, and organizations.

The platform creates a powerful and highly searchable multi-media reference library for new and existing content from medical journals, white papers, newsletters, and videos, all accessible 24/7/365 via the Web through all smart phones, tablets, and computers.

“AnzuMedical has created a cutting edge knowledge platform that provides our members with efficient access to our diverse collection of clinical information, procedural technique videos, and to our scientific journal. It also allows members to collaborate and participate in a closed community discussion environment,” stated Michael C. Edwards MD President, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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AnzuMedical, Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Platform, multi-media reference library


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