Analytics are alive and kicking: Getting every healthcare user to leverage data analytics

Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to streamline operations and run more efficiently, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care while reducing costs. One way to do this is to ensure every worker has easy access to data analytics from health records systems and information portals – and that they actually use that information to make decisions. However, the latter part has proven to be trickier than expected for many organizations.

The analytics adoption problem is something that affects organizations across all industries, and it is only getting compounded as organizations require their employees to be more data-driven. In Logi’s 2015 State of Self-Service Analytics Report we found the analytics adoption rate of business users was 22 percent, even though users in most organizations have plenty of analytics tools on hand.

After taking a step back and looking at the issue, many organizations have quickly realized that the reason many analytics tools result in poor user adoption is the over-generalization of those tools.

Analytics is not one-size-fits-all: In any healthcare setting, different users will need to utilize data in vastly different ways. At a hospital, nurses on the floor need to quickly access high-level, comprehensive patient data on the go. On the other hand, hospital administrators may prefer to dive deep into detailed efficiencies dashboards on their desktops.

If healthcare organizations want to ensure user adoption of analytics tools, it’s essential that the capabilities be tailored to individual users’ roles and skills.

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