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Ambient Intelligence Streamlines Clinical Burden, Patient Safety and Compliance, Black Book Survey Announces Top AI Workflow Solutions

Ambient intelligence describes the physical spaces that are hypersensitive, alert, and receptive to the activities and presence of people. The crux of the technology is based on data collected by sensors and processors embedded into clinical and healthcare operational objects and employs machine learning algorithms for workflow and process analytics.

For providers, ambient intelligence has multiple use cases that could theoretically improve patient care and mitigate clinician burden. Ambient clinical intelligence leverages contact-based wearable devices and contactless sensors embedded in healthcare delivery sites to gather information like imaging, audio, and movement data of physical spaces. Machine learning algorithms then efficiently interpret the data for clinical and operational workflow applications which are aided by a pervasive computing environment and AI frameworks; with all the components connected through an invisible intelligent network.

“Ambient Intelligence has more than 10 years of research behind it with various organizations and healthcare industry initiatives investing to develop solutions using the technology,” said Doug Brown, President of Black Book, the technology user satisfaction surveyor.

Eighty-one percent of Chief Information Officers and IT leaders in 740 healthcare delivery provider organizations stated they are or will be investing in ambient intelligence by Q4 2024 while exploring use cases in facility and patient monitoring management.

“One of the most inspiring aspects of ambient intelligence is its ability to include all of the technology components of care workflow and collectively blend the environment around the user without requiring the users’ attentiveness or supervision,” added Brown.

Healthcare IT leaders rated Orlando-based as the top emerging ambient intelligence solution in the 2023 survey of nearly one thousand technology executives. is deployed in over 1,500 provider organizations, health systems, and long-term care to deliver on the transformational promise of a smart care facility.

This report is based on findings from an independent survey conducted by Black Book of qualified users in assisted living, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehab centers, and health systems and included reporting on more than 35 vendors on 18 key performance indicators.