Agfa HealthCare debuts Enterprise Imaging Exchange Program at SIIM 2015

Agfa HealthCare announced the launch of its Enterprise Imaging Exchange Program which establishes a secure health information exchange network between multispecialty collaborating health providers to exchange and share medical imaging data. The solution will be on display at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) annual meeting, May 26-31, 2015, in Washington, DC.

Enhanced image sharing improves the delivery of care while decreasing costs
Agfa HealthCare’s innovative Enterprise Imaging Exchange Suite enables healthcare organizations to realize the benefits of sharing clinical information without significant technology investments. Healthcare providers will experience improved workflow and regional collaboration through enhanced communication between doctors and facilities across the continuum of care. With clinical data access and retrieval, facilities can provide timely, effective, equitable, patient-centered care, while reducing costs by improving efficiency and productivity.

The program includes unlimited inbound and outbound image exchange without dependency on existing picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) or radiology information systems (RIS) as well as Agfa’s enterprise class XERO universal image viewer, reducing physician frustration with viewing technology.

In addition, the benefits – clinical, operational and financial – can be quickly realized by leveraging the value of existing IT infrastructure, maintaining a predictable monthly expense, integrating directly with the EHR, and improving workflow and patient and physician satisfaction.

“Our offer is unique in that it features the ability to exchange images with unlimited facilities at no additional cost, helping to optimize productivity and reduce costs for both the referring care provider and the receiving provider,” said Lenny J. Reznik, Vice President of Marketing, Agfa HealthCare, “We allow image sharing of images remotely, without a cloud requirement, so the original data stays on-site, improving security.”

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