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A follow-up conversation on human-centered design in healthcare

I first spoke with Shaun Gummere in May. Our audience's response to his call for more human-centered design in healthcare was overwhelmingly positive. So much so that we decided to follow-up with Shaun to ask him more about this often ignored topic.

Free: Please provide examples of the effectiveness of human-centered designed products/solutions in industries outside of healthcare.

Gummere: Putting people first is increasingly recognized as a competitive advantage. The hospitality industry has long understood that putting guests at ease, anticipating their needs, and responding well to issues when they may arise, increases loyalty and extends the reach of their brand.

With other choices a click away and information on the quality of a service, product, or experience easily in reach, organizations can no longer hide behind their place in the phone book or the influence they think arises from their brand. They need to deliver consistently good and meaningful experiences to the people who matter to them.

Now, more and more organizations are doing the necessary work to align how they’re organized, what they do, and what they measure with the real-life needs of the people they serve. Organizations such as have pursued user-centered approaches that put the customer first, rather than marketing (after the fact) an existing product or feature.

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