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A conversation with Dr. Kalyan Kalwa

Stevens: You founded Health Innovators (HI) in 2012.  What was your motivation? What unfilled needs do you see it satisfying, and where do you see the organization headed? 

Kalwa: I am an Indian physician and a pharmacist by training and education. When I first came to America, I wanted a job quickly and the job I got was in information technology. I worked in information technology for 10+ years and after I got my green card, I wanted to pursue things on my own. The only hard skills I had were Medicine and information technology, I wanted to use these skills to solve healthcare problems.

Since I didn’t work in the healthcare system here in the United States, I wanted to bring healthcare and information technology folks together to solve healthcare problems collaboratively using information technology. Boston is full of talent and I wanted to utilize the power of the crowd to solve healthcare problems using crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

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