A command center approach to population health management

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The iPhone changed the world, shifting power to the hands of consumers, enabling real-time access to information, mobile decision-making and new collaboration paradigms between individuals and businesses. Prior to the iPhone, cell phones had already permeated the lives of consumers, giving them mobile connections to other people and companies, but the iPhone was different; it extended engagements beyond phone calls and text messaging, and provided the world with an application ecosystem that helped them shop, entertain themselves, manage their personal finances and professional affairs – all from their palm. Similar to the way iOS gave consumers a new platform to run myriad useful applications to manage the inner-workings of their lives, population health operating systems are extending convenient, rich functionality to clinicians and health systems in need of care delivery applications and workflow guidance, at the point-of-care. These new operating systems will become the central nervous system for population health management strategies and command centers and will disrupt conventional methods of cooperation and workflow models.

A population health management command center

Given the interoperability challenges faced by health systems today, the concept of a command center, for the purpose of centralizing population health management, is appealing. This command center brings together groups of people who monitor and listen to patients and their health advocates, including clinicians, care coordinators and providers, helping them respond to inquiries, synthesize opinions to determine the best course of action, track patient episodes, patterns and practices and actively work patients through the care ecosystem – all from one platform.

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