3M introduces advanced physician documentation platform

To help healthcare systems improve the accuracy of patient data and address growing compliance concerns with electronic health record (EHR) documentation, 3M introduced new physician workflow technology that transforms the documentation process for physicians. With computer-assisted physician documentation guidance, automated clinical documentation improvement (CDI) queries, and a sophisticated “copy-paste” analysis tool, the new 3M 360 Encompass MD System makes it easy to capture accurate patient information, meet ICD-10 documentation requirements, and minimize compliance risk—all in real-time as the physician documents within the EHR.

Recent studies suggest that 30 to 70 percent of physician notes are duplicated from prior documents, which can lead to potentially dangerous copied forward or duplicate data in the patient record. “Documentation-assist features in the EHR provide improved efficiencies for physicians, but there are significant risks,” said Thomas Kravis, MD, physician executive, 3M Health Information Systems. “Instead of restricting the use of copy-paste, organizations can instead give physicians the tools they need to help them document accurately, respond quickly to CDI queries, and verify the accuracy of their documentation as part of their standard EHR workflow.”

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